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DataTrends  publishes And I Shall Be Healed, A Treasury of Prayers and Scriptural Readings for Patients Contemplating, Undergoing, or Recovering from Stem Cell Treatments.

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A Treasury of Prayers and Scriptural Readings for Patients Contemplating, Undergoing or Recovering from Stem Cell Treatments

by Sarah A. Dufour

Amazon.com: $16.95

"I am leaving for Germany with my wife next month. She and I read these prayers together as she prepares for stem cell treatments. We are so grateful. Thank you for helping us talk to God at this critical time in our lives."
─   Tom and Doris P.


Scientists are confident that stem cells may become the basis for treating diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and heart disease – at some point in the future after much testing for safety and effectiveness. Because of stringent rules in the United States, treatments using stem cells are only just beginning.

But physicians around the globe are already using stem cells to treat these diseases. Whether these treatments are safe and effective has not been conclusively proven using strict scientific standards. What is known is that many desperately ill or disabled patients travel many miles and spend many thousands of dollars to obtain these treatments.

This book of prayers is for those patients, of course, but also for all patients now and in the future who seek relief from their diseases and disabilities through stem cell-based therapeutics.

There is a nearly universal human need to talk to God, to communicate our deepest needs, fears, desires, etc. This need may manifest itself in expressions of gratitude, of love, of awe and wonder, of praise and glorification, and of remorse. Very often it manifests itself in pleas for consolation, for help, for mercy.

Each day, people all over the world are moved to worship and adore God, and to acknowledge that they are dependent upon God.

The Gospels mention many times that Jesus himself often withdrew to quiet, desolate places to pray.
As St. Augustine once wrote, “He wishes our desires to be expressed in prayers so that we may be able to receive what he is ready to give.”

It is our hope that this small Treasury of Prayers will be a constant companion of patients seeking stem cell treatments and will be used frequently as an aid to beginning a personal conversation with God.

More about

And I Shall Be Healed:

A special gift for friends or loved ones who are considering or preparing for stem cell treatments.

Provides comfort and solace in a time of anxiety and uncertainty.

Small enough to keep in a purse or carry-on for quick conversations with God.

Helps unlock the power of prayer in a stem cell patient's life.

Helps patients learn how to turn to God for His compassion, mercy and healing power.

Helps patients find just the right words to converse with God, to express their innermost thoughts and feelings, fears and doubts.


To purchase at Amazon.com, click here.

Title ID3489741
Title: And I Shall Be Healed
Subtitle: A Treasury of Prayers and Scriptural Readings for Patients Contemplating, Undergoing or Recovering from Stem Cell Treatments


This Treasury of Prayers has four inspiring sections:

Prayers Before Stem Cell Treatment (Contemplation and Decision);

Prayers While at the Hospital or Clinic;

Prayers for Patients with Specific Diseases, Conditions and Disabilities

Scriptural Readings for the Spiritual Comfort of Stem Cell Patients.


Country of Publication: United States
Language: English
Number of Pages: 102 (paperback, 6" x 9")

Author: Sarah A. Dufour

To purchase at Amazon.com, click here.


"I confess I never prayed much at all until I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and decided on the stem cell treatments. Your little book got me started in prayer and guided me the whole way. I can't tell you how glad I am that my best friend found [the book] and gave it to me. My prayer life continues and is much richer now that I am home safely from my trip."

Donald M.



















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